Some stress can be good for us.  But if it’s too intense, or goes on too long without a break, it can become impossible to deal with.  Unmanageable stress and anxiety then become our “normal.”


There are many causes of anxiety.  There are techniques for simply reducing it, which I can teach you immediately.  But for best long-term results, we need to work on the underlying issues and access your personal resources to meet your challenges and reduce your anxiety.  Uncovering these resources and helping you apply them to your situation should give you more control, confidence and calm.

Unmanageable Stress 

Perfectly capable people can be overwhelmed.  Often it seems that bad things happen all at once.  Or maybe it’s one thing that’s just finally gotten out of hand.  What we can do about it is marshal your resources, strengthen them, and apply them.  My job is to work myself out of a job.  So we’ll look at your strengths and accomplishments, talents, capabilities as well as your challenges and concerns.  We’ll consider your relationships and your support systems.  It’s tough to navigate through the modern world–we want to you be as well-prepared as you can be to face what comes.  Then set sail.