Am I a video game addict?

Am I a video game addict? Only you can decide.  But if you come to me for therapy, here’s what I’m going to look for.  See how many of the following apply to you. Preoccupation If you’re addicted to something, you often spend a lot of time thinking about it in some way when you … Continue reading Am I a video game addict?

About clinical hypnosis

I thought I’d write a few FAQ’s and responses on clinical hypnosis, because it’s something that most people don’t have experience with, and it’s important for people to know how I use it. What is clinical hypnosis? Clinical hypnosis is hypnosis that is used in therapy. It’s that simple. Like everything used in therapy, it’s … Continue reading About clinical hypnosis

The impact of childhood trauma

I've worked with a lot of people with addiction (and I've struggled with addiction myself).   At some point I realized that among the people I knew well with addiction, the only ones who hadn't told me about awful things that happened to them as children were the ones who hadn't told me anything about their … Continue reading The impact of childhood trauma

Childhood Trauma

What is complex childhood trauma? Childhood usually involves a few traumatic events: accidents or injuries, unintended separations, grief over minor losses, etc. Events such as these can have some long-term impacts, but often they don’t. However, some children experience things that are usually more serious: divorce, death of a parent, ongoing abuse or neglect, a … Continue reading Childhood Trauma

Video Game Addiction

Video games are everywhere, and most people play some of them, perhaps a lot of them.  Unfortunately, there are a few people who become badly addicted to them.  Any highly stimulating or pleasurable activity can become an addiction, it turns out.   But many people say "Really?  Are you kidding me?  Addiction is something like heroin … Continue reading Video Game Addiction