If you live in Colorado Springs, please call me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your needs and whether working with me might be right for you:  719-377-4577

Specializing in:  (Trauma & PTSD therapy, anxiety and addiction)


Welcome!  If you’re here, you probably are looking for a counselor because you’re hoping to solve problems that relate to my specialties.  Or you may not be sure exactly why.  Counseling and therapy provide tools and opportunities you can use to address your concerns and accomplish your goals.  I do  specialize, but you don’t need a particular diagnosis to see me. 

Specialties.  I specialize in trauma/PTSD (including childhood trauma) and addiction which are causing current problems (such as anxiety and depression).   I use a variety of methods, most notably, somatic methods for addressing trauma/PTSD.  These include Trauma Dynamics and EMDR, as well as other approaches.  We work in ways hat are helpful to you–if one way of working is less desirable, we use another.  


My overall approach.   Although I have specific skills for dealing with trauma, anxiety and addiction, I approach you as an individual.  You’re a full partner in the work.  Connecting with people is my passion.  I look forward to getting to know you, learning about your journey, your courage and strength (we all have those), and having the privilege of being able to help you along your way.

On my blog here I’ve included information about a variety of important mental health issues.  Whether you decide to see me or not, I hope some of it may be helpful.

About my practice:

I work with adolescents 15 and older, adults and elders.

We work on whatever is relevant to you.  I have experience working with many concerns, including:
Trauma and PTSD
History of childhood abuse/neglect (or other childhood trauma)
Addiction (including behavioral addictions, such as video game addiction)
Depression or other mood disorders (bipolar, etc)
Adjustment challenges and overwhelming stress
Relationship and family issues
Therapy support for those on medication for mental health